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Re: President Bush Wants to Bug the Internet

Matt Simpson (
15 Mar 2004 06:04:27 -0800

In an editor's note, Pat wrote:

> The Demopublicans and the Rebublicrats have things so tied up (and
> they are essentially the same regards oppressive government
> legislation, etc) no one else ever gets a chance at it. And when a
> third party candidate comes along who is at all popular with a large
> number of people, (i.e. Ralph Nader) then the Demopublicans all
> grouse about how the new comer is going to spoil the election for
> the others.

Those who are not happy with the stranglehold the two major parties
have on our political system and wish to vote for candidates they
prefer instead of choosing the lesser of two evils should push for the
adoption of "Instant Runoff Voting".

This system would encourage people to cast their votes for candidates
they actually preferred, without the fear that doing so would allow
the eviler of two evils to be elected with less than a majority.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Carl, that sort of thing would never be
allowed here in the USA. It is a wonderful idea, but I am sure you can
see why the politicians who run things here would never, never allow
it. For instance, I would like to see a Libertarian get a chance --
even a small one -- at election. If we got in this country to the
point where the election of a Libertarian or other minority party
candidate was even likely, I am certain the Demopublicans or Republi-
crats would arrange to have the person assassinated, either by the
US Secret Service or someone else. They would do everything in their
power to 'neutralize' such a person, and failing to accomplish that
simply have him assassinated, sort of like happened with M.L. King.

On this same topic, what do you think about the effort to repeal the
25th Amendment (the one limiting the president to two terms in office)
in order to allow Bush to run again in 2008, and in the event the
proposal does not make the rounds entirely in time to get ratified
prior to the election then it is suggested that Bush will use his
emergency powers to cancel the 2008 election in order to remain in
office until someone 'suitable' can be found to replace him. PAT]

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