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Re: N11 Codes
Wed, 15 Feb 2006 18:48:06 +0000 (UTC) wrote:

> As to calling for pipeline checking, a single number won't help if the
> contractor is too lazy or stupid to make that call, and I've seen them
> do that many times with phone cables cut as a result.

After 811 for "DigSafe" (what my region calls that number) is fully in
effect the penalty for NOT calling before digging should be for
"professionals" should be permanent loss of license and for property
owners a month in jail to go along with all costs (including lost
profits). Conversly if someone calls 811 and encounters an
undocumented utility the digger should be immunized; costs should be
picked up 100% by the utility.

Herb Oxley
From: address IS Valid.

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