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Do Not Call Violator, Capital Services

Stanlel (
Wed, 15 Feb 2006 02:18:56 -0800

Despite being on the National Do Not Call list, I received a
telemarketing call on my answering machine from some supposed
refinancing company called Capital Services who's phone number is

I say supposed because a company who intentionaly breaks the law by
calling people on the Do Not Call list is probably not legitimate. I
called back and asked them if they ever heard of the Do Not Call List
and the moron who answered the phone said "do you want to be put on
the list not to be called?" I told him I already was and asked if he
thought they were above the law.

Again the Do Not Call Violator's phone number is 1-888-462-1846.

Please do not call this scum sucking law breaking company, especially
from a pay phone where the call will be free so could be done multiple

Also, do not use their phone number of 1-888-462-1846 to fill in web
forms for things like Get-Rich Quick Schemes or porn sites.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Do you suppose it will make any real
difference in the grander scheme of things? For example, I today have
been plaugued several times by calls from people who (at least took
the trouble to Google me) have been bothered by that 800 number
someone sent in a message to here a few months ago: The (800 number)
calls, refuses to speak unless it hears a fax machine and when a real
person calls back and is persistent enough to dial as many times as
needed to get through, they are given a recorded message saying
'please enter the extension you wish to monitor'. Remember that one?
So, the half dozen calls I receieved today were people who had gotten
that routine (ring, no speak up, call back, be told to enter the
extension you wish to monitor) and these individuals went to the
trouble of Googling the phone number; the only thing Google has on it
apparently is the messages we had on it here a few months ago. The
conversations then went like this:

"Is this Telecom Digest?" My answer, it must be, you called in on my
Winfield, KS Vonage line, the only place I _ever_ publish that number.

"Uh, what is Telecom?" My answer, what do _you_ think it is, you had
to read some internet stuff on it in order to get the phone number you
dialed me on.

"Is this some kind of sales pitch, why did you call me?" My answer,
I did _not_ call you; no, it is not a sales pitch, although I agree
that commercial pitches and scams is about all the internet is good
for these days.

"Well I do not understand what you want". My answer, I do not want
anything, _you_ called me, or have you forgotten that much already?

If the conversation continued at that point (although many terminated
with that) the conversations only deteriorated further. One lady said
'well you sure are rude for no good reason'; I thanked her for the
compliment and hung up on her. PAT]

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