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Re: France -- $6.75 for Three Minute

Henry Cabot Henhouse III (
Mon, 13 Feb 2006 22:37:01 -0800

If we adjust for inflation ...

What was worth $6.75 in 1972 would cost $31.39 in 2005 ... Inflation
Amount 365.07% (courtesy of )

So, your 12c 3 minute call these days is quite a bargain !

T <> wrote in message

> In article <>,
> says:

>> An AT&T/Bell System ad in the March 1972 National Geographic:

>> "When you want to be in France for business or pleasure but can't get
>> away...telephone. It's easy to get there in no time. The cost is low.
>> As little as $6.75 plus tax for a three minute station to station
>> call. Calling France is the next best thing to being there -- as well as
>> a very cheap way to get there."

> And now I pay 4 cents a minute from the U.S. to most G8 nations,
> including France. How things have changed.

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