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Re: Fiber Cut Knocks S.E. Kansas Off Line

Herb Stein (
Sun, 12 Feb 2006 05:11:30 GMT

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> Michael Chance <> wrote:

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You are quite correct; I was thinking
>> of a small town in southwest Missouri close to the Arkansas border.
>> The geotools stuff did claim yesterday that I was in Ballwin (since I
>> was using dial up via TerraWorld; I dunno why. Any ideas on that? PAT]

> I bet the TerraWorld dialup server is located in Baldwin, MO.
> I'd love to know how exactly ISPs use centrally located modem servers but
> can provide "local" numbers just about anywhere.

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> Herb Oxley
> From: address IS Valid.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: It is BALLWIN, _not_ BALDWIN, and Duane
> said to me that 'they' (meaning TerraWorld) do have 'an association'
> with 'another company in the St. Louis area'. But Duane and all his
> employees are located in offices in the Arco Building here in town,
> and prior to his purchase/startup of Pairie Stream in 2002 the
> TerraWorld dialups were on 620-332 something; a historical artifact
> from when Arco Oil was in business with the corporate offices of
> Harry Sinclair in the Arco Building, and all of Arco's phones were
> on 332. Arco has been gone for more than a decade now (when the
> company went out of business they gave their headquarters, the Arco
> Corporate Center, to City of Independence free and clear as a gift
> which renamed it the 'Independence Corporate Offices', kept the phone
> PBX system Arco had in place, named Duane and Terraworld as the
> 'Building LEC' for phone service on 620-332, etc. I think what they
> use between cities are 'concentrators' or several circuits all sent
> through one line, a bit of trickery where one or two lines serve as
> 'controllers' or traffic signals, telling the other end who is calling
> and what to do with the call being sent through the pipeline. 25
> customers on one side are connected to the 25 on the other side by
> only 2 or 3 lines in the middle, thus 'concentrated'. Although the
> Atlantic Richfield Company and Harry Sinclair have been gone for
> many years, locals still refer to the place as 'the Arco Building'.
> PAT]

Pat, Ballwin is the next town over from me. I'm in Manchester. Just
exactly who does TerraWorld have a relationship with here?

Herb Stein
314 952-4601

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I do not know. Maybe KMC (?), the bunch
mentioned by Fred Goldstein in another message in this issue who also
have had some things going on in Wichita. KS? I do know Duane a
little, but not well enough to mind his business for him. When I
first got out of the hospital in Topeka and before I wound up having
to go to the nursing home, Duane gave me a job working on the help
desk a couple nights per week at TerraWorld. He had not yet started
Prairie Stream as of that point. PAT]

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