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David O'Heare (
Tue, 7 Feb 2006 23:34:26 -0500

Pat, there seem to have been submissions from this person, or someone very
like them, to every newsgroup that there is.

<> wrote in message

> There is a great job board located at the employment section of
> SPAM CRAP . So pass it on to anyone looking for a
> job.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Everyone look it over, but also
> consider our very own classified advertisements here at
> for quite reasonable rates
> on an (as of yet) not too widely used classified ads section. PAT]

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Thanks for passing on this advice. I
have always _attempted_ (frequently without much success) to provide a
safe harbor or legitimate place to put legitimate messages about
employment opportunities, people seeking employment, groups of
scientists holding seminars and/or seeking papers for publication,
etc. Even those relatively safe (i.e. free from spam/scam) types of
messages are becoming few and far between it would seem.

In the past, I would publish 'call for papers' without bothering to
verify anything they said; my assumption was the persons who
coordinated/managed those events knew infinitly more about the subject
matter under discussion than I did; I simply wanted to do a good job
in my 'support role' for those events and spread the word if
possible. Now, I got a message from John Levine, printed here a week
or so ago, advising me that a group of people in China were sending
out 'call for papers' spam; I sort of dismissed his complaint as a
'sour grapes' thing; I did not, and still do not have the time
(really, the energy and interest) in confirming and verifying all
those things; but today, Wednesday, when the _third_ CFP from the same
bunch of Chinese people showed up with the same details as before
except for a change in the date that papers were 'due' I bounced it
out. I guess from now on I have to start reviewing CFP items for the
Digest as well, or limit my acceptance of them to the very few 'tried
and true' ones which arrive, from IEEE and others.

Ditto with the classified ads: I had _thought_ it would be a good way
to introduce our readers to employment opportunities and introduce
employers to the readers here. Legitimate ones, that is. I have seen
so damn many commercials on television and the net which say in effect
"I bought my first computer. I read this web page, it taught me how to
spam and my first month I made five thousand dollars. Now I am making
ten thousand dollars per month. You need to read this web page and
start making money also." We all know that amounts to so much
bullshit ... working with Google AdSense now for over a year I do not
come *close* to 'thousands of dollars per month'; so I thought a few
months ago, why not start a legitimate web site with classified ads
for people to use; let folks post LEGITIMATE ads for services offered
and services desired, preferably technical in nature. Guess what!
_Two_ LEGITIMATE advertisers have come along. The _illegitimate_
advertisers (i.e. spammers) continue to load my inbox and my spam box
daily with all kinds of crapola. I have never advertised it even once
outside this Digest. . Maybe
I should start spamming it (the presence of my classified section) on
all the other web sites around ... whoever thought, a quarter-century
ago, that the internet would become this crappy ...

Thanks again, Mr. Oheare, for bringing this latest bunch of crap to
my attention. I guess there are no longer any safe harbors on the net
where one can work. Feel free to write me again whenever you wish.

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