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Thu, 2 Feb 2006 17:38:14 -0500

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> I notice that in the UK Bulldog Broadband offers 8Mb/s DSL for 20
> pounds per month, for the life of your contract, and is starting to
> deploy 20Mb/s ADSL+2 service (no price quoted).

> Here in the States, Verizon offers a max 3Mb/s service for $30 per
> month (after $20 per month for the first three months). And if you're
> lucky and you're in one of the areas where they're deploying FIOS, you
> can get 5Mb/s for $36 per month (which seems to be a drop from the
> $40/mo I remember seeing the last time I looked).

> Could it be the competition created by the US government's rulings to
> give incumbent phone providers exclusive access to their networks?

> For comparison purposes it's useful to note that while it's expensive
> for US dollars to buy UK products, the salaries and prices in UK
> currency for a UK citizen are roughly equivalent to US salaries and
> prices in US currency for US citizens.

With Cox I pay $39.95 for 5Mb/2Mb - for an extra $10.00 I can get
15Mb/2Mb but to be quite honest, 5Mb/2Mb is plenty fast enough for me
right now.

Now, if you want to talk deep discount, lets talk about the deal that
Cox gives the State of Rhode Island. Like a 2Mb symmetrical over coax
for $400 a month. Not too shabby - we use two as point-to-points and
then we pay $1,200 a month for a 10Mb fiber connection.

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