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Re: Information Wants to be Free
1 Feb 2006 10:04:10 -0800

Michael Chance wrote:

> However, traditional wire-line voice telephony technology is no longer
> the only option for voice telephony (and many might suggest it's no
> longer the preferred option). While there may be a single dominant
> provider for wire-line service in most areas, there are multiple
> wireless voice providers, and cable companies are providing either
> PSTN or VoIP telephany.

All very true and a significant point.

Even if one uses a traditional wireline company for that initial
connection (home to central office), that represents only a small
percentage of the total communications setup. The company is required
to provide that line at wholesale costs. The subscriber doesn't even
deal with the wireline company. Competitors offer DSL (one is
advertising heavilly in my area); one is not bound to the wireline
carrier for DSL.

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