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Re: Challenge to Hospitality: The ID Check in the Lobby

Herb Stein (
Wed, 01 Feb 2006 03:37:03 GMT

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> Monty Solomon wrote:

>> The New York Times

>> "I'm one of those New Yorkers who doesn't have a driver's license, so
>> I carry my passport with me in case I do need to show a picture ID."

> Many states offer official photo-IDs for people who do not have a
> driver's license. New York State does. I would think it'd be more
> prudent to carry such an ID card rather than a passport in case it's
> lost or stolen. (see:

>> But because she was not checking into the hotel and not going anywhere
>> but the lobby, she did not count on having to produce a
>> government-issued photo ID just to have a clerk phone a guest room
>> from the front desk.

> That seems a bit extreme just for a visitor. However, hotels have
> more liability about security, especially a place in a busy city.

>> "At that point, I was kind of irritated at myself. I mean, a hotel
>> lobby is, like, a public place, right? They claim the right to
>> demand ID just to come in?"

> No, a hotel lobby is NOT a public place. It is private property and
> the owner may require such security checks as the owner deems
> appropriate. Indeed, the hotel owner may HAVE to require such ID to
> meet liability insurance or legal requirements to protect the security
> of its guests. If the hotel had an incident of serious theft or
> personal attack, I can see them being very cautious. Further, the ID
> check may be a way of preventing undesirables from coming in and
> loitering, looking for targets for theft, etc.

"NOT a public place" would imply that the no-smoking ban in NY is a crock.

> Keep in mind that a great many private property spaces have closed
> circuit TV recording all movements. Big brother is indeed watching
> you.

Herb Stein

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: A 'public place' is wherever police
decide it is. If someone has a thing against another person smoking
somewhere, I am sure they will be able to find a judge to agree with
them if they look for awhile. PAT]

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