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Re: Challenge to Hospitality: The ID Check in the Lobby
30 Jan 2006 07:27:50 -0800

Monty Solomon wrote:

> The New York Times

> "I'm one of those New Yorkers who doesn't have a driver's license, so
> I carry my passport with me in case I do need to show a picture ID."

Many states offer official photo-IDs for people who do not have a
driver's license. New York State does. I would think it'd be more
prudent to carry such an ID card rather than a passport in case it's
lost or stolen. (see:

> But because she was not checking into the hotel and not going anywhere
> but the lobby, she did not count on having to produce a
> government-issued photo ID just to have a clerk phone a guest room
> from the front desk.

That seems a bit extreme just for a visitor. However, hotels have
more liability about security, especially a place in a busy city.

> "At that point, I was kind of irritated at myself. I mean, a hotel
> lobby is, like, a public place, right? They claim the right to
> demand ID just to come in?"

No, a hotel lobby is NOT a public place. It is private property and
the owner may require such security checks as the owner deems
appropriate. Indeed, the hotel owner may HAVE to require such ID to
meet liability insurance or legal requirements to protect the security
of its guests. If the hotel had an incident of serious theft or
personal attack, I can see them being very cautious. Further, the ID
check may be a way of preventing undesirables from coming in and
loitering, looking for targets for theft, etc.

Keep in mind that a great many private property spaces have closed
circuit TV recording all movements. Big brother is indeed watching

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