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Re: AT&T Billing Us For MDNS Account Closed Three Years Ago
19 Jan 2006 12:23:06 -0800

Bill Mayhew (removethis) wrote:

> I am a technical person, not a book keeper, but as far as I know, we
> have had no success in getting AT&T to stop sending bills for the non
> existent service. What I am looking for is the magic phrase to say,
> office inside AT&T for their billing dispute people to contact, or
> whatever can explain the situation to them in terms they can
> understand.

I am confused by the whole situation, however. Is your company still
paying the bll for services not received? If they are, there's little
incentive for anyone to remove the charge. If not, the account would
quickly become delinquent and come to the attention of someone. But
your description doesn't sound like AT&T is disputing you and claiming
the equipment/ service is still in place; rather, nobody is even
talking to you.

Also, this sounds more like a accounting issue rather than technical,
and thus would be more appropriately handled by the accounts
receivable unit of your company. They have more experience dealing
with this sort of thing. In every organization I know of the
technical people do not get involved in accounting issues other than
to merely advise the start and stop dates of vendor services.

Anyway, presumably their billing statement contains an address for
inquiries, not just a payment return. I would send a Certified Letter
to that address explaining the situation and advising your company
will not pay for the improperly billed service. I would not pay for
that service.

Because Certified Letters must be signed for, they tend to attract
more attention by the recipient. It also provides you with a written

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