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Wed, 18 Jan 2006 23:07:54 -0000

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> For some reason, very few people today use the "fine" setting on
> fax machines which makes a much clearer transmission at very little
> increase in time. They still use "regular" which comes out so fuzzy.
> A fax of a fax is almost unreadable.

In point of fact, 'fine' mode requires *double* the transmission time
of 'standard' mode. 'Standard' mode is 100 scan-lines/inch, with 1728
dots per line, employing RLL encoding on the data in a single line.
"Fine" mode is _200_ scan-lines/inch, with the same 1728 dots/line,
again with RLL encoding of the data in a single line. Unfortunately,
in neither setting is there any compression in the 'vertical'

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