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Re: GTE, Sprint, United, Centel, Contel, Nextel, etc.

Geoffrey Welsh (reply@newsgroup.please)
Sun, 8 Jan 2006 15:05:22 -0500

Anthony Bellanga wrote:

> Sprint-Canada was a marketing name of Call-Net (Canada), a CLEC and
> Canadian-based OCC (competitive Long Distance carrier). More recently,
> Rogers (which at one time was in a venture with the old Unitel, also
> once known as AT&T-Canada), has bought out Call-Net in Canada. I think
> that the Rogers name will replace the Sprint-Canada and the Call-Net
> names.

I do business with the former Sprint Canada, and Rogers has already
replaced all Sprint Canada logos on stationery and sent replacement
calling cards, etc. The new cards, unfortunately, are ugly and

The history of Canadian telecom companies is just as complicated as
that of Sprint, plus has the added element of on-again, off-again
partnerships with U.S. companies. AT&T Canada -- as you point out,
the former Rogers partner -- became Allstream and was promptly
acquired by MTS, the ILEC for the province of Manitoba and a former
Bell Canada partner in the Stentor alliance, who were looking for a
way to compete in their former partners' territories against ILECs
such as Bell Canada and Telus as well as CLECs and cablecos with
internet operations ... like Sprint/Rogers, who only recently dropped
"AT&T" from their wireless brand.

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