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Steven Lichter (
Fri, 06 Jan 2006 04:56:17 GMT

> BZZZZZT! Sorry, Pat, it was the other way around!

> United Telephone, based in the Kanasa City, KS area (maybe Overland Park)
> bought SPRINT and then assumed the name, much like the recent changes at

> United Telephone owned numerous local operating telephone companys
> around the US of A. In my area it was United Telephone of the
> Northwest. There was a United Telephone of Ohio, United Telephone of
> Florida, and others with the "United Telephone of..." name. There
> were still others as well, like Carolina Telephone, which operated in
> North and South Carolina. Possibly the largest city in SPRINT's
> stable in Las Vegas, NV.

> Al

GTE bought Sprint from Southern Pacific Railroad, then went into a
deal with United to form SprintNet, which really was the first form of
real communications on what is now the Internet. They operated E-mail
systems for companies over their network, links to banking and other
sites, a system allowed you to dial a local number or 800 number, then
make long distance calls, and allowed computer users to call into the
network and go out to a distant system, say a BBS across the country.
What the SprintNet did for Sprint was test and refine their system for
what it is used today, then then dumped all of their users, I believe
Pat used the system. I seem to remember a comment on it years ago. GTE
sold its holdings to United. As to Sprints local company, Las Vegas
would be the largest of their companies, it was bought by United some
years ago. But that might change soon, if the what they say about
selling the local wireline companies and just keeping the Cellular and
Long distance end of the business. I did a lot of contract work for
them in Las Vegas and found it to be an interesting company to work
with, but they had too many bean counters at their HQ.

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