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Re: Cost of POTS w/o Long Distance

John Stahl (
Fri, 06 Jan 2006 06:49:09 -0500

On 5 Jan 2006, in Telecom Digest there appeared a query from Bob Alan
<> regards Cost of POTS w/o Long Distance:

> Hello,

> I recently switched to VOIP but kept my old POTS line for back-up.
> I use the VOIP for all my LD calls. Am I correct that even though I'm
> not using my 3rd party LD provider that I had with my POTS service
> that I'm still paying some form of a month connection fee to the POTS
> provider?

When cell phones became a low cost alternative to land-lines, I
decided to make my land-line primarily a "receive only" device except
for outbound FAX's and to use my cell phone for LD (and regional
calls) and many of the local calls I make (I am looking into VoIP but
that will tie me down into a land-line type application again - cell
phones are so nice that you can take your communications with you in
your pocket or on your belt!)

So I contacted Verizon to get the cheapest rate for the land-line. I
ended up with a real POTs service where I pay $0.09 for each outbound
local call (free inbound) and have no LD carrier or regional tool
carrier "attached" to the line.

According to my last monthly statement here is a break down of costs
as indicated on the statement:

Monthly Charge for Dial tone $8.61

Surcharges and Taxes: 9.78
FCC Line Charge $6.40
Federal USF Surcharge .66
Surcharge(s) .51
911 Surcharge .35
Federal Tax .51
NY State/Local Sales Tax 1.35
Total $18.39

So as you can see, there doesn't seem to be any charges for any LD or
regional carrier (I would assume this because I have none) as shown on
the bill unless it is hidden in the "Surcharge(s)" portion.

Of course you will note that I pay more in taxes and surcharges than
for basic service, but that situation can be discussed at another

Hope this helps with your query.

John Stahl
Telecom and Data Consultant
Aljon Enterprises

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