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Re: Another Year, Another Volume of the Digest

Bob Goudreau (
Tue, 3 Jan 2006 23:50:15 -0500

> Figure it this way: 1981 from 2006 leaves 25 does it not?

Yes, and (Volume) 26 from (Volume) 1 also leaves 25. The Digest started
with Volume 1, not Volume 0, after all.

> Originally August 1981 through December 1981 a partial volume.
> Volume 2 started in January 1982


Volume 1 = 1981
Volume 2 = 1982

Volume n = 1980 + n,

Which is why Volume 26 should = 1980 + 26 = 2006.

> During all of year 2001 I was in convelesance which was most of volume 20
> and all of volume 21. I skipped volume 21 on paper for that reason, if
> you read the archives at the end of vol 20 I stuck a single issue in there
> referrred to as vol 21, and went on to vol 22. At some point in there I
> thought about using the actual anniversary date to change volume numbers
> and went to volume 23 from 22. I think that is how the mix up happened.
> In any event, August 11 1981 through August 11, 2006 equals 25.
> I doubt I am going to do anything about it anyway.

Not expecting you would, just wondering about the anomaly. Thanks for
clearing it up.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But just as on January 4, if you were
born on January 1 you would not say "I am a year old" neither can
you claim to be 25 years old if that won't happen until August. In
other words, 1/4/2006 less 8/11/1981 results in a difference of 24
years, 7 months and 1 week (more or less, I am too tired to calculate
it to the minute right now. We could tighten it up a bit closer if
we took the telecom-related messages which appeared in _Human Nets_
during May through July, 1981 and the first two 'test mailings' which
went out to the telecom list in August and said those were 'really
part of the Digest' as well. But we cannot say that, and I will use
the cover date on the first issue as the starting point. A lot of
water under the bridge since then, but we have to have some reference
point to work with. PAT]

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