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Re: Payphone Surcharges (was: Unanswered Cellphones)

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> (Seth Breidbart) wrote:

>> For 800 number, the FCC set the charge the (last I checked) just under
>> $0.30. That's paid by the recipient (who may be a long distance
>> carrier, or any sort of company with a toll-free inbound number).

> Asking the following just as a matter of fact checking:

> If I call an 800 (or 888?) number from a coin-operated payphone (e.g.,
> in an airport concourse), does the owner or operator of that 800
> number get charged 30 cents for each time I call (and they answer)?

> More specifically, does this apply to *all and every* 800 number
> owner? Or do some 800 number owners negotiate special (that is, much
> cheaper) deals?

> And do some 800 number owners -- scumbag types, maybe -- just not pay
> these charges? And if so, do they perhaps get away with not paying?

> (There's obviously a viewpoint hidden behind these questions -- but for
> the minute I'm just seeking to get the "true facts" of the matter.)

The tollfree owners get billed the payphone charge along with LD
charges. The provider might eat the cost, but the payphone operator
gets their money.

Keep in mind, we're talking $0.30 here. If your calling card charges
more, they're adding markup for their own. Fair enough, you don't
really think they're selling anything at cost do you?

If your card is charging you too much, it's because you purchased a
product which is excessively priced. You can choose to use the
payphone's LD service instead, where the prices are disclosed upfront.

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