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Going Back to the c:/ Prompt

Erik Larkin ((no email))
Sat, 31 Dec 2005 11:17:35 -0600

Erik Larkin

Microsoft has big plans for the trusty old C:\ prompt. For its
upcoming Windows Vista operating system, the company is developing a
new command-line interface, or shell -- the text-based controls
typically accessed by clicking Command Prompt (under Start Menu,
Programs, Accessories) in Windows XP.

Code-named Monad, the new shell will enable a host of new programs
known as scripts -- something at which rival Unix operating systems have
historically excelled. While these new commands and scripts will
interest primarily administrators and power users, less-technical
types may benefit from Monad scripts that could circulate on the
Internet as Unix scripts do. For example, a Monad script might quickly
reorganize files and directories based on their name or creation
date -- a task that can take a fair bit of manual labor in Windows

A beta version of Monad for Windows XP is available as a free
download. Registration is required, and you will also need to
have.Net Framework 2.0 (available at the same page) installed.

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