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Re: Cell Phone Extenders?

Thomas D. Horne, FF EMT (
Thu, 29 Dec 2005 20:59:28 GMT

Rik wrote:

> Manufacturers and vendors of these active devices lie about their
> legality. The FCC has issued written clarifications and replied in
> writing to inquiries. In both instances they make it clear that it is
> only legal for licensees to install these BDAs. There are no licenses
> issued just to operate a BDA.

> One problem is that many of these devices, especially those sold to
> repeat Nextel signals, also repeat the signals of many other licensed
> systems.

> Much accurate information on this subject is available here:


> I have no connection with that web site, but know the owner to be an
> expert on this subject.

> Rik Rasmussen
> Two Way Radio Directory

I'm asking a question not starting a quarrel.

Does it make any difference if the booster in question is connected
directly to the cell phone and will only boost it's signal? I have
been considering installing one in my truck in order to improve
performance in marginal situations. I have been carrying an analog
bag phone for that but the cost for that extra account is high since
my carrier will not offer any low cost plans for analog use.

-- Tom Horne

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