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Re: Mother Decides to Fight Downloading Suit on Her Own
29 Dec 2005 07:44:25 -0800

TELECOM Digest Editor noted in response to Lisa Hancock:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You are close, Lisa, but not completely
> correct. You can type on a computer (as in downloading music) and an
> unsophisticated mother will not know _exactly_ what the kid is doing,
> whether she stands there for a couple minutes or all day. On the flip
> side, if the little guy has a camera turned on and is acting out
> sexually with either his friends or an older guy or whatever, if mother
> comes in and sees it, there will be hell to pay. I am sure mother is
> not _that_ unophisticated. PAT]

Well, it's easy to hide a webcam by merely throwing a sock over it or
putting it in a discrete corner of the desk. As to performing for the
webcam, look at it this way: When a boy reaches around 13, he'll start
to take up "private time" in his bedroom or bathroom. Presumably the
mother is aware of this biological need and will respect his privacy.
If she happens to walk in on him she'll discover him doing what other
boys do in private, but she shouldn't necessarily realize he's doing
it for the webcam. Years ago this practice was discouraged by
parents, but not now.

The TV show "Roseanne" did an episode about their son going through
that phase and had a scene where the father was awkwardly trying to
explain the need for discreteness to the son.

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