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Re: NSA Puts Cookies on Your Computer

jared (
Thu, 29 Dec 2005 09:07:18 -0700

Nothing unique about the site ... many commercial sites, esp for the
cookies that appear to support advertising, cluster in the 2036-2038
time frame. Probably lazy programming. Or the usual 'if the customer
doesn't like it then ...'

The cookies won't last a month using a browser that restricts the number
of cookies, given the number of cookies which many sites use.

By the way, Mozilla has a preference to reject cookies that either are
not for the current session or that do not expire within a
configurable number of days. Nice feature!

> Until Tuesday, the NSA site created two cookie files that do not
> expire until 2035 -- likely beyond the life of any computer in use
> today.

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