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Re: Cell Phone Extenders?

John Levine (
28 Dec 2005 22:00:44 -0000

> Even GSM in the USA doesn't compare with GSM overseas in terms of how
> far one can be from a tower ( and over a hill, too).

Depends on the band. GSM most places originally ran in the 900 MHz
band and has expanded to the 1800 MHZ band. Here in the US, it
started on 1900 MHz and later moved down to 800 MHz, replacing the
older TDMA.

Lower frequencies propagate better, so if you're comparing GSM 900 to
GSM 1900, you're right, 900 wins. But if you're comparing 900 to 800,
they're about the same. Around here, Cingular is all GSM 800 and the
coverage even in fairly rural areas is fine.



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