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Re: NYC Transit Strike Midst Cold Weather and Christmas

John Levine (
23 Dec 2005 18:58:08 -0000

> And yes, I _know_ the one is a state agency and the other is a
> municipal government ... duh! But you should know that when
> Bloomberg says 'jump' everyone asks 'how high?', etc. Things like the
> difference between a 'state agency' and a 'municipal government' in
> this instance is just thinly veilled bullshit, just as with Chicago
> Transit Authority.

Ah, Pat, I think it would be a good idea to stop speculating here
about areas that are unrelated to Telecom and about which you know
nothing. New York is not Illinois, the relationship between NYC and
NYS is not the same as that between Chicago and Illinois, and NYC most
definitely does not control the MTA.

> Obviously you did _not_ do your homework assignment yesterday (read
> the transcripts of the 1960's court proceeding when the union was
> last on strike.) At that point in time, the reason the strike lasted
> eleven days instead of only two or three was because the judge was a
> total blowhard, a real jerk with his fines and punishments, etc.

Well, actually, the last strike was in 1980, but why should we let
facts get in our way? In the 1960s strike, union leader Mike Quill
had heart failure and was negotiating from his hospital bed by waving
fingers. That kind of slowed things down.



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Please forgive my typo. On the one
hand I said 'twenty-five years ago' which would be 1980 _which is
what I meant_ and on the other hand a reference to '1960s'. Please
go by what I meant, not what slipped out in the typing. PAT]

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