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22 Dec 2005 17:50:15 GMT

In article <>, kimi
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> For VOIP learning, check out our web site at:


It's an ad farm, with a few hundred words of common knowledge
sprinkled throughout pages of Google ads.

John Meissen

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Thank you for doing that evaluation for
us. Still, those 'few hundred words of common knowledge' are probably
new wisdom for many on the net. Fifteen or twenty years ago -- had
VOIP been in common useage back then -- there'd have been no excuse
for a page like that, but as the numbers of people on the net continue
to grow, the amount of collective ignorance continues to grow with
it. And the Google Scorecard -- that is all that matters for many
website owners these day; how much revenue can be bought in each month
from click-throughs. Remember how we used to say the 'death of the
internet' would come from certain opinionated netters (back in the
times when we old-timers were all very elitist). More of late, the
theme has been the 'death of the internet' would come from all the
spam/scam/fraud going on (which may be very true); but I think now the
'death of the internet' may come with the assistance of that great
enabler of spam/scam/fraud/ignorance/nonsense in general, the
Almighty Google Scorecard' i.e. how much is there for me this month?
I really feel the Google Scorecard (or report of hits [page views]
and ratio of click throughs to hits and how much Google will deign to
pay us for the month) has done more to 'dumb us down' on the net
than anything else. I guess I should complain about it, eh? I really
wonder if all the folks who felt that of necessity the net had to
go commercial if it was to survive at all stopped to think about this
collateral damage we have seen: the gradual 'dumbing down' of the
net and so many web sites being run by idiots, present case excepted,
but of course. PAT]

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