TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: New IM Phishing Attack Unleashed on Yahoo Messenger

New IM Phishing Attack Unleashed on Yahoo Messenger

Spam Daily News (
Tue, 20 Dec 2005 15:54:13 -0600

From Spam Daily News

IMlogic Threat Center reports new instant messaging phishing attack
which sends IM users a message telling them their account will be
blocked unless they respond to a terms of service violation.

This attack sends users a message that appears to be from the Yahoo
"abuse department" and informs the user that they are in violation of
the Yahoo Terms of Service Agreement and they must respond to this
complaint to prevent their account from being deactivated. The message
includes a URL to a malicious site that appears to be the Yahoo! login

The phishing attack is propagating from a buddy named
'ychat_complaint_dept_6b'. It will likely mutate with other variations
of the screen name as it progresses. The Yahoo! messenger will ask for
permission to add this buddy to your buddy list and then delivers the

This form of social engineering has been particularly effective
especially with the message focused on a loss of the service, says

SOURCE: IMlogic, Inc.

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