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Re: FTC Do Not Call List

Lena (
11 Dec 2005 06:25:15 -0800

Fred Atkinson wrote:

> Lena wrote:
>> I think an amendment to the Telemarketing Laws is in order, to
>> prohibit any telemarketer, calling on behalf of any charity or
>> political organization, from calling any number more than once a year.

> They've done one better than that. They've passed a law allowing you
> to have your number listed as a number that telemarketers are not
> allowed to call. And when they do call, you can report it to the FTC.

Fred, I've done that; added my name to the "Do Not Call" register.
The telemarketers that call are part of the exemptions in the law that
allows political and charitable organizations to call, even those on
the "Do Not Call" list (as well as those businsses who have done
business with the person being called).

These are the ones I would like to see limited to one call per year.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But Lena, when you limit those people
to 'one call per year', wouldn't that be like saying spammers and
scammers and phishermen should be limited to one spam, scam or phish
per year? Are you trying to dictate what people can talk about on
their phone? PAT]

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