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Many Domains Registered With False Data

Zonk (
Thu, 8 Dec 2005 19:05:15 -0600

Posted by Zonk on Thursday December 08, @01:01PM
from the seekrit-webmaster-conspiracy dept.

bakotaco writes "According to research carried out by the US
Government Accountability Office (GAO) many domain owners are hiding
their true identity. The findings could mean that many websites are
fronts for spammers, phishing gangs and other net criminals. The
report also found that measures to improve information about domain
owners were not proving effective." From the article: "The GAO took
300 random domain names from each of the .com, .org and .net
registries and looked up the centrally held information about their
owners. Any user can look up this data via one of the many whois sites
on the net. The report found that owner data for 5.14% of the domains
it looked at was clearly fake as it used phone numbers such as (999)
999-9999; listed nonsense addresses such as 'asdasdasd' or used
invalid zip codes such as 'XXXXX'. In a further 3.65% of domain owner
records data was missing or incomplete in one or more fields."

To discuss this matter further, please go to:

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: As the official Keeper of the Records,
ICANN was asked for a comment on this report, but they refused any
discussion of it. PAT]

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