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Lena (
7 Dec 2005 13:50:02 -0800 wrote:

> Telemarketers are scum ... non-profits ... aggressively calling for
> donations

It's not so much the non-profits, but the telemarketing companies they
hire to make the calls. They are using the same obnoxious techniques
that were used before the Do Not Call went into effect. As you
described, they hang up when an answering maching picks up. The call
shows up as "toll free" or "out of area" on the Caller ID. Sometimes
I'll see the number, so I know it's the same telemarketer calling over
and over again.

I had one, calling on behalf of a legitimate charity, ring my phone
three and four times a day, every day over a period of two weeks,
anytime between 9 a.m. and 8:56 pm. I knew who it was, because the
first time they called, I answered and said I was too ill to discuss
the charity. After two weeks of this harassment, I answered and blew
off steam at the unfortunate young lady who made that call. But they
got the hint, finally, and stopped calling me. My next move was to
find the name and email address of the director of the charity that
hired the telemarketer and give him a piece of my mind about
telemarketers, how rude and inconsiderate they are, and how, by
choosing that form of soliciting for my contribution, I'll never give
them another dime.


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