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Re: FTC Do Not Call List
7 Dec 2005 10:47:08 -0800

There are three huge loopholes in this program and they're taking full
advantage. Telemarketers are scum. They can't bear not to use their
high speed auto dialers and cheap phone lines. Answering machine
picks up and they leave a message. Human picks up and they switch a
human on.

One is non-profits. They are aggressively calling for donations for
ambulances to zoos.

Two is political. They very aggressive call around election times.

Third is "prior relationship". Because of the loose definition,
practically any business can claim a "prior business relationship"
through some sort of loose affiliation with another business. If you
have a bank account, your bank can sell your name to "affiliates".
Supermarket discount cards, pharmacy registration, etc.

Other businesses simply lie. I've gotten several calls starting off
"we think we've done work for you a few years ago". In my case I know
they're lying since I live in an apartment and could never have used
their services. They bank on the fact that most of us have lives and
won't bother to file a formal complaint with the authorities and even
if we do the authorities won't do much about it.

Anyone care to defend telemarketers or the people who make the
equipment they use?

[public replies please

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