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Default COCOT Behavior

A Reader (
Tue, 6 Dec 2005 03:20:54 -0800

I have an interest in telephony, and to further it, I recently bought
a COCOT for personal use to play around with.

One interesting thing I discovered about the way this particular unit
came programmed was that when you'd dial numbers such as 1-800-
COLLECT or 1-800-CALL-ATT, it would dial an AOS instead (one that
didn't announce any company name). This seems deceptive at best, and
possibly even illegal(?). I think it is rather obvious why the phone
was programmed this way, but it's disappointing. Also, dial-around
numbers appear to confuse it, and are not usable. Isn't there any kind
of regulation on the industry that produces or sells this equipment to
ensure that they follow FCC regulations?

Another interesting behavior I've noticed is that while you're dialing
a number, but before you deposit any money, it beeps out the DTMF for
the number to be dialed extremely slowly over the line. If you don't
deposit any money by the time the number is about to be completely
dialed, it will hang up. After you deposit the money, it will pick up
again and dial the number quickly. Does anyone have any explanations
for why it would do this? The circuit board inside is described as an
"Elcotel Series 5," if anyone is curious.

Despite all the oddities, having your own pay phone sure is fun.

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My firewall got too hot and it burned a hole in my ethernet, and my
token ring fell out. Can you help?

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