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T-Mobile, was: Verizon, GTE, etc, etc

Danny Burstein (
Thu, 1 Dec 2005 20:55:58 UTC

In <> Anthony Bellanga
<> writes: [ snip ]

> Voicestream changed into T-Mobile. I understand that there was even a
> name used prior to being called Voicestream but I can't remember what
> it was.

Going back in time, there was Omnipoint in the (roughly) northeastern
US (parts of Pa., NJ, NY, and new England). I have a faint memory of
them also holding licenses in Florida.

There was also Western Wireless in the Pacific Northwest.

Western merged/bought up Omnipoint as well as a few small facilities
here and there.

Soon afterwards, Deutche Telecom (German based) bought up Western and
added more licenses.

Net result (name wise)

East Coast: Omnipoint -> Voicestream -> T-Mobile

West Coast: Western Wireless -> Voicestream -> T-Mobile

(minor disclosure: user and also shareholder in T-Mobile)

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