TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: Talking Back To the Junk Fax

Talking Back To the Junk Fax

Monty Solomon (
Tue, 29 Nov 2005 22:39:56 -0500

By Don Oldenburg
Washington Post Staff Writer

All righty then, enough pleading! As promised, here are some solutions
for desperate fax machine owners who are sick and tired of screeching
junk-fax transmissions in the middle of the night, junk faxes
bogarting their machines during work hours, and junk faxes using their
printer ink and paper to deliver unsolicited, unwanted, cheesy

For many home fax machine owners, the junk-fax pandemic has grown into
an annoyance equivalent to telemarketing at its worst -- before the
National Do Not Call Registry struck a blow for privacy and
sanity. These dastardly faxed commercials typically break federal
law. Like spammers, junk-faxers broadcast the same message to millions
of fax machine numbers at once. And more often than not, the faxes
promote scams not worth the paper they're printed on.

Early last month, the Consummate Consumer was inundated with
complaints about junk faxes following the junk-fax column ("Your
Machine Is Spewing Again," Sept. 25) and asked readers to share
solutions for stopping the menace -- short of hammering the fax
machine with a Louisville Slugger. The result? Good news, sufferers!
Solutions R Us! The best of them:

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