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Re: Los Angeles Numbering, 1940s

Steven Lichter (
Sat, 26 Nov 2005 01:06:28 GMT

Chris Williams wrote:

> Hi Tim,

> What a surprise to be reading along in comp.dcom.telecom and see
> someone mention California Drip and Tinkle. I grew up in Monrovia also
> (MSH '65). I can remember back in very early 1950s we had an AE-40 and
> to call my aunt and uncle in Highland Park we had to get the long
> distance operator by dialing 110. When were you in Monrovia?

> Regards,

> Chris Williams

Since you did not quote the message and it has been a couple of weeks,
I don't know if you mean me or not. I started in San Fernando/Granada
Hills with CW&T in 1967 just as it was being merged into General
Telephone of Calif. I worked in Monrovia/Hasting Ranch in 1968/1969.

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