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Re: Moving to VOIP But Keeping Same Phone Number

Tony P. (
Mon, 14 Nov 2005 17:43:12 -0500

In article <>, says...

>> it took more than four months for Vonage to transfer his phone
>> number of 13 years from his previous VoIP provider, Time Warner.

> Well, that's Vonage for you, billions for advertising, pennies for
> customer "service".

> I am pleased to report, though, that when I ditched Vonage in favor of
> Lingo, it only took a few days to transfer my number over. As far as
> I can tell, Vonage still hasn't figured out that it's been ported, so
> Vonage users still can't call it since they route calls to my long ago
> returned terminal adapter. But everyone else can.

I've noticed that Vonage is a hit/miss thing. In my case my number
transferred in < 20 days but I was proactive about it, involving
friends at the PUC in order to grease the process.

Haven't had any problems with Vonage either. Most of the loss of service
(97%) were my fault or my ISP's fault not that of Vonage. The only
annoyance is that they don't yet have ACR.

The reason it annoys me is that they're using Paetec in my area and I
know Paetec offers it on their 5E. In essence VoIP is just a last mile
technology so why the hell can't I have that one feature? It also
appears to be high on the list of many Vonage subscribers.

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