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Re: MIT's 5ESS: (was: NN0 Central Office Codes)

Garrett Wollman (
Sat, 12 Nov 2005 20:58:39 UTC

In article <>, Diamond Dave
<dmine45.NOSPAM@yahoo.DOTcom> wrote:

> Most are probably worrying about hacking the campus computer system to
> change their grades.

We're talking about hacking, not cracking; if I were an MIT student
rather than a mere employee, those would be fighting words. (Although
an MIT lifer might well be amused at your reference to "the campus
computer system" -- the last time you could say "*the* campus computer
system" would have been fifty years ago at least. Forrester et al
invented core memory in 1949 and I don't think there's been a moment
since the early '50s when there have not been multiple computers on
campus. I don't know anything about the systems that store private
student information -- that's about as far from my job as you can get
-- but I do know that the Institute takes its FERPA responsibilities

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