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Garrett Wollman (
Tue, 8 Nov 2005 22:47:41 UTC

In article <>, Mark Roberts
<> wrote:

> I can personally attest to 713-630 because that was used for the PBX
> at KTRH radio, where I worked at the time. While most of the "public"
> numbers for KTRH were standard JAckson numbers -- I'm pretty sure the
> main call-in number was 526-5874 (KTRH) -- our internal extensions
> were of the form 630-3xxx.

Not uncommon. At Boston's WBZ, the main call-in number was originally
ALgonquin 4-5678 (617-254-5678), which still works but has been
superseded by 254-1030 to reinforce the branding. But the contest
line is in what was the Boston "choke" exchange, 617-931-1030. The
main switchboard number is 617-787-7000, which would have been STadium
7-7000 in 2L+5D days, but I don't know if that number was in use back
then. Those three exchanges historically belonged to three separate
COs: 617-254 is Allston, 617-787 is Brighton (both now in the same
ratecenter IIRC), and 617-931 is a downtown Boston exchange which I
think was historically located at the NET&T headquarters. WBZ-TV
(channel 4) used to have 617-782-4444, but I doubt that is as old as
the number would imply. (WBZ-TV has been at the same location since
1948, when that number would have been STAdium 4444.)


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