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Justa Lurker (
Sat, 05 Nov 2005 22:59:34 GMT

> Verizon is famous for having crappy outside plant records. For
> example, when I moved here in October, 2004 they swore up and down
> that service was hooked up. Plug in the phone and no dial-tone. No NID
> either.

> the ANAC number on every pair. Not only did I find my pair, I found
> the NID for my apartment and the two weren't anywhere near each other,
> nor was the NID connected.

> Called Verizon and told em' it was pair 14 and I wanted it hooked to
> my NID. The tech that came out had a good laugh, he said I'd stirred
> up a hornets nest inside Verizon's install/repair depot. Customers are
> NOT supposed to open terminal boxes.

> But when said boxes are secured with 7/16" nuts, it isn't hard to get
> in.

Exact same experience getting 2nd line into our house here in Freehold,
NJ in 1996 when it was still Hell, errrrr. I mean Bell Atlantic.

Took them three tries to get me a working line with the number which
they'd told me was assigned ... one time, they even managed to break
some local business's service ... I started getting their calls
instead of them.

Eventually they managed to make it work correctly.

Wrote a letter to president/CEO of Bell Atlantic at that time (Ray
Smith, I think) along with copies to some other executives as well as
the NJ PUC describing exactly what had happened. I ended up getting a
phone call from some outside plant supervisor who said to call him
directly if I ever had any other problems (I doubt he's even there
anymore 10 years later) as well as 2 separate form letters from "Ray
Smith" which promised me a service credit [they even screwed that up,
instead of one month's free local service, I think I got 3 !]

No wonder they call them "Public Futilities".

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