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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: If you are referring to the McDonalds
> at 5000 or 5100 West Dempster (Niles Center Road and Dempster, about a
> block east of the Skokie Swift station) that does not surprise me at
> all. They got the notion once to lock down the inside eating area at
> 9 PM but keep the drive up window open until 11 PM, so at 9:10 PM I
> came walking along on foot past the drive in window to get an order.
> The woman refused to sell to me since I was 'not in a car'. We
> exchanged a few words; I wound up getting an empty bag out of the
> trash can nearby and calling the McDonalds customer service number.
> The woman just about flipped out when she got a call from customer
> service a couple minutes later asking her what was going on. Her
> excuse was a 'man on a bike a couple weeks earlier had robbed her and
> she was not going to take any more chances with pedestrians when the
> main dining area had been closed for the night. Another time I was
> told they considered it 'more effecient' to be 'blackmailed' out of
> drinks rather than change their way of doing business. By comparison,
> the McDonalds here in Independence is so pleasant, even for a
> Mcdonalds place. I am watching to see if walmart gets sued the same
> way, for using incorrectly (tax) programmed cash registers here. PAT]

Definitely on Niles ... I think that's the right location, although
I'm not 100% sure, it's been a couple months.

It's actually not that uncommon these days for a place to have later
drive through hours then restaurant hours, especially when they have a
homeless and/or drunk problem. Also, the refusal to service walk
through in the drive through is more of a safety issue, so that some
asshole in a car doesn't mow you down.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Actually, it is Dempster Street and
Skokie Blvd (Cicero Avenue a few blocks south when in Chicago). Niles
Center Road runs at an angle a few blocks west of the Skokie Swift
station. Cicero Avenue is 4800 west (as is Skokie Blvd) and the
restaurant is 4800 West Dempster on its address. 5001 Dempster is the
Skokie Swift station. The old name of the village of Skokie used to
be 'Niles Center' which is how the street by that name got its name,
and it cuts through at about 5100 west at that point.

The parking area and the drive up window were completely abandoned at
that point in time; I had originally gone by the restaurant entrance
and saw a crew working inside there, but they waved me away saying
they were closed, 'but drive through is open until midnight'. Going
around to that side, then the rude lady waved me away saying she was
not going to serve any pedestrians walking through. PAT]

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