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Mark Roberts (
Wed, 26 Oct 2005 21:20:15 -0000 <> had written:

> Foreign exchange service existed long before World War II, and
> probably decades before that. Also long before the inception of 800
> numbers.

> Remote Call Forwarding makes it less expensive, particularly with
> the way toll rates have been falling, but it's hardly new.

I think there is a key difference between FX service and Remote Call
Forwarding, which is that FX service is a two-way service while remote
call-forwarding was for incoming calls only.

My first job was at a radio station in Warrenton, Mo. We also had FX
lines for O'Fallon and Troy. Not only could our O'Fallon (plus
St. Peters) and Troy (plus Moscow Mills) listeners call us with a
local seven-digit call, we could call those communities by just
picking up those lines and dialing the local number. The lines were
on different buttons on our standard Continental (ITT) multi-line
phones. Just looking at the KWRE web site, it appears that the
O'Fallon FX line has been replaced by a Foristell FX line (which makes
much more sense) but the Troy FX line is still in place. The numbers
have changed due to requirements of Missouri's Metropolitan Calling
Area plans, and there is also an 800 toll-free number, but looks like
the FX numbers are still there!

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