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Call Fowarding VZW -> Vonage Question

kevincw01 (
25 Oct 2005 17:44:16 -0700


I forward my Verizon wireless cell phone to my Vonage number. I do
this by dialing *72 myVonageNumber which I assume tells some VZW switch
to forward (my point is that the cell phone is not doing the
forwarding). I then get a call from another Vonage customer to my cell
phone, which is forwarded to my Vonage phone.


Is this considered a Vonage to Vonage call from the Vonage switch (and
billing) point of view?


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: No it is not Vonage <> Vonage. The
other person's _intention_ was to call your VZW line. The call had
to get off Vonage and go to Verizon, then Verizon in turn has to
forward it on. PAT]

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