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Re: 1960s Long Distance From San Francisco

Mark Roberts (
Tue, 25 Oct 2005 00:38:39 -0000

Anthony Bellanga <> had written:

> Note that San Francisco/Oakland was using N11 codes in the 1930s
> rather than the "step-by-step" format of 11X codes. N11 codes in use
> prior to the 1960s is an indication that the location developed with
> Panel and/or #1XB rather than SXS switching.

Indeed, true: The 1935 telephone directory already had the familiar
211, 411, and 611 codes.

> Also, you mentioned some NN0 central office codes. These were highly
> discouraged by AT&T for use until the 1960s/70s time period.

I actually saw only one, and that was 530. It appeared only in the
1965 directory. It was gone in the 1966 directory. The reverse
listings going up to 1974 show no 530-xxxx numbers. Yet, in
retrospect, it clearly was contemplated for expansion in this area
(OKLDCA13) because it's one of the currently common prefixes for the
Fruitvale rate-center/OKLDCA13 combination, along with the original
531 which apparently served the area's needs for some time.

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