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Re: Recorded Weather Forecast for New York City?
21 Oct 2005 08:07:37 -0700

Scott Norwood wrote:

> In Boston, at least, the Weather has been 617-936-xxxx (where xxxx can
> be replaced wth any four digits) since at least the mid-1980s (and
> probably much earlier) through the present.

The xxxx part may be now 1212 or some other fixed number because of
the squeeze on phone numbers. The Phila weather and time services
used to be any four digits but now only work on 1212.

The Bell System made a half hearted attempt to standardize weather
reports at 936-1212; many cities used that number. In the 1970s they
had a bill insert listing the number for a number cities and
suggesting calling it before taking a trip (as a way to drum up long
distance business). I thought that was a pretty good idea and made
use of it.

As mentioned, the AAA Travel Guides listed such numbers in the city
writeups. At one time the phone company advertised these services and
gave them prominent mention in the telephone directory. However, I
suspect they're no longer interested in them, it is a cost after all
with little benefit today. I don't see any references in the phone
book. Indeed, my local directory lists time of day service available
from the operator for something like $1.50 service charge which is far
more than calling the city for their time announcement.

I remain curious whether 212-976-1212 is active in New York City. I
posted the question on a NYC newsgroup and no one seems to know there

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