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Re: The Heights Some People go to Avoid Telcos and Cable

Henry Cabot Henhouse III (
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 15:42:14 -0700

Some time ago, during the height of the dot com silliness, a company
(trying to raise money) proposed flying planes 24/7 over major cities
which would "bounce" an internet signal to moving rooftop dishes.

I forget the name, I'm sure they're long since forgotten ... they did
have a web site with complete plans and animations. Heh, it looked
like something that would have come from the mind of Hugo Gernsback :)

Danny Burstein <> wrote in message

>" A blisteringly fast data downlink provided by a stratospheric
> balloon floating 24,000 metres above the Earth has been tested for the
> first time.

> " The untethered, 12,000-cubic-metre helium balloon was tested on 31
> August for several hours. Analysis now shows the test was a success
> and sent data to the ground at 1.25 gigabits per second. That is
> thousands of times the capacity of a home broadband internet
> connection and the first time such a link has been tested from the
> stratosphere.....

> [ snip ]


> ( and... a url in the article gets you to some video:

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