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Re: Giant Conspiracy or Just Rotten Luck?

Thomas A. Horsley (
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 01:39:42 GMT

I'm reminded of a phone bill I got with a very expensive call to
Hawaii on it. Got all the same run-around about how there couldn't
possibly be any error in the phone bill because the phone company is
perfect -- then I pulled out my secret weapon: The call was made 15
days before my phone service was hooked up, after that, they were
finally willing to believe there might possibly have been a mistake
somewhere :-).

I had another fun time with my bank once: I spent about 6 hours trying
to get my checkbook to balance, and the numbers would never come out
right. As an act of sheer desperation, I added up the numbers on my
statement and compared them to the total "ending balance" printed at
the bottom, and discovered that the bank's computer apparently could
not do arithmetic (highly confidence inspiring :-). The next month
they finally acknowledged that anyone who made an ATM transaction on
Feb 29th (it was a leap year) had their statement screwed up by a
computer that counted Feb 29th transactions as being in March
sometimes and Feb other times so the total came out different than the
individual transactions.

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