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9 Oct 2005 01:02:04 GMT

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> I may be mistaken but I do not think it
> is just a simple matter of plugging one of these 'pen drives' into a
> USB port. I have one -- I do not use it a lot, it is 62 MB, and about
> the size of my thumb. As I recall, when I first installed it,I had to
> additionally run a CD which loaded the required 'drivers' onto the
> host computer to get it (host) to recognize the USB ports and to get
> the 'pen drive' formatted, etc. Have they gotten easier and quicker to
> use in recent months? Although being able to carry the little device
> away in my shirt pocket to use elsewhere _is_ a good point, having to
> do a few extra steps to configure the host computer to recognize a USB
> slot and accomodate the pen drive takes away some of the enthusiasm
> for me. PAT]

The devices come pre-formatted, and XP includes the drivers necessary
to recognize and talk to them. If you insert one into an XP system it
will also auto-run whatever is designated for that purpose on the
device, just like a CD.

The only time you need to install software from a CD is if you're
trying to use it on Win98 or older systems.

John Meissen

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