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Re: United States Says No! Internet is Ours!

Tony P. (
Fri, 7 Oct 2005 07:16:17 -0400

In article <>, says...

> Kenneth P. Stox wrote:

>> Am I the only one who is ROFLMAO about this? There is nothing
>> preventing other nations and/or organizations from setting up their
>> own root servers. [...]

> Anybody who wants to can set up their own name servers, and they don't
> have to ever connect to the current root name servers. But few people
> are inclined to do this. Ninety-nine percent of users will simply
> configure their systems to use their ISP's name servers by virtue of
> doing nothing: DHCP, the same protocol by which they receive their IP
> address assignment, will also tell them the IP address(es) to use for
> domain name lookups. Ninety-nine percent of ISPs will use the root
> name server hints which were packaged with their own name server setup
> packages, and guess where those hints will send domain name requests
> for the root zone?

Actually it's DNS that tells them. DHCP does nothing more than dish out
an IP address and various routing information.

> Various people have tried on more than one occasion to set up meaning-
> ful alternative root name servers. None achieved wide acceptance, and
> no one I know of has even tried in the last five years.

I cache Cox's DNS servers on a box I own because quite frequently their
DNS servers go belly up.

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