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Neal McLain (
Thu, 06 Oct 2005 20:45:42 -0500

During the 1952 presidential election campaign, the Democratic
candidate Adlai Stevenson had complained about "the mess in
Washington," apparently referring to the ongoing war in Korea and
alleged corruption in the Truman administration.

The Republican campaign adopted a strategy of ignoring Stevenson, and
concentrated its efforts on discrediting Truman while positioning the
Republican candidate, Dwight Eisenhower, as the candidate who could
clean up the mess.

While this was going on, C&P Telephone converted the Washington DC
area (including suburbs in Maryland and Virginia) from 2L-4D to 2L-5D.
An example that comes to mind: Bethesda's OLympic XXXX became OLympic

That change really did create a mess in Washington, as contemporary
commentators and cartoonists noted. One memorable newspaper cartoon
featured a telephone operator speaking with a customer, noting that
"that number has been changed to (some NNX code)-OOU2."

Neal McLain

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