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Online Pioneer Sets Out to Shake Up TV

Monty Solomon (
Thu, 6 Oct 2005 01:44:04 -0400


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Jeremy Allaire has a long history of shaking up
the established order as an Internet pioneer.

Mr. Allaire was an architect of the evolution of Macromedia's Flash
system into a video format that is now second only to Microsoft's
Windows Media platform in popularity for delivering video on the
Internet. Now, he has started a new company called Brightcove.

As with his earlier ventures, Mr. Allaire intends to shake up an
industry - this time, the world of television - by allowing all types
of video producers, from media giants to anyone who has a camcorder,
put their work on the Internet and make money if anyone watches it.

Set in an office building at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, Brightcove will offer three interrelated online services.
It has tools that let television producers load their video onto its
servers, arrange them into programs and display them to Internet
users. It will help producers charge fees for their video, if they
choose, or sell advertising on their behalf to insert into the
programs. And it will broker deals between video creators and Web
sites that want to display the video, arranging for the profits from
such arrangements to be split any number of ways.

Three dozen production companies are testing the production tools
now, and a few have started publishing videos using the tools. By
early next year, Brightcove will have the ad sales and fee systems
built and will open its distribution network to nearly any video
producer through a Web site.

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