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Re: Visitors Risk Being Shot in Florida

David B. Horvath, CCP (
Tue, 4 Oct 2005 08:20:22 -0400

PAT -- please mung my email address, leaving my real name is just fine.

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005 14:41:38 -0500, AFP News Wire <afp@telecom-> wrote:

> Attention: Visitors Risk Being Shot in Florida

> Welcome to Florida, but avoid arguments or thanks to a new law you run
> the risk of getting shot, according to an ad campaign launched by a
> gun-control group.

It is important to note that "visitors" risk being shot in any state
(and country) since firearms are easy to get just about anywhere (even
where heavily regulated or illegal like Washington DC or London

Beyond that, the Florida law change isn't just about gun owners, it is
about the use of "deadly force". A senior citizen using their walker
to fend off a mugger is using deadly force ... Florida isn't the first
state to have a law like this; I know that the law in Pennsylvania
declares that deadly force may be used in situations where a reasonable
person would fear for their life, serious bodily injury, or the same
for another (i.e., someone is threatening a spouse with a baseball

BTW: Who is AFP News Wire and why are they using a telecom-digest
address (and not their own domain)?

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.

- David

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: AFP is 'Agence France Presse' and it is
the 'French equivilent' of our United Press International or Reuters or
Associated Press. It is one of the news wires I receive here each day.

The main reason I show their address as '' is because
of the terrible spam problem. As with the writers from Reuters and/or
Associated Press, they do have email addresses with their organization
(which will often times be found camoufloged in the news item at the
bottom of the article, etc.) But because all of the news writers/reporters
get absolutely eaten alive with spam each day -- same as myself -- one
thing I offer all of them is a bogus address at the old honey-pot itself, Its the same as I offer you readers who cannot
deal any longer with spam; if you tell me you do not want your address
made public -- and assuming I do not screw up as I did with one the
other day, I 'assign' you a mailbox in my other favorite domain,
''. Any of the crapola which comes to somename@telecom- I just pitch out unread usually. Stuff that winds up at goes to whoever runs '' and they get
to deal with it, I suppose. I invite any of you to use ''
for unsolicited mail. PAT]

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