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Re: 10 Out of 10 For Idea; 1000 for Implementation

obsidian (obsidian@vlanderen.terra.sol)
Sun, 2 Oct 2005 15:23:30 +0200

Coming from UK to France on the Eurostar train, unleashes a flood of
SMS messages (with accompanying audible alerts) to each GSM to the
like of "Bienvenue aux reseaux xxx". Bloody annoying! And unnecessary
since we _know_ we are in France.


Chris Farrar <> wrote in message

> I was driving down I-95 today from Philly to Baltimore, and for most
> of the time my GSM phone (which is on Fido/Rogers out of Canada) was
> showing that it was on AT&T Wireless as the carrier. As I came past
> the airport, it switched over to showing T-Mobile as the carrier. A
> few seconds later I received a text message from T-Mobile (subject is
> "905") welcoming me to the USA and telling me to dial home use 011- or
> "+" and the number.

> Its nice to see that T-Mobile is looking for non-US phones and letting
> you know what to do to "call home", but it isn't set to deal with
> region 1 phones, as to call back to Toronto from Philly on T-Mobile,
> you definitely wouldn't dial 011 to start the call.

> Perhaps someone from T-Mobile will see this and tweak their system so
> it doesn't send this to Canadian phones when roaming in the USA.

> Chris

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